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Auditor’s stolen laptop contained data on 3,400

COLUMBIA (AP) — A laptop stolen from an auditor’s car contained the personal information of more than 3,400 members of the South Carolina Health Insurance Pool.

An attorney hired by the pool told The Associated Press on Monday the laptop contained names and Social Security numbers of 3,432 people who were part of the high-risk pool in 2011 and 2012.

The laptop hasn’t been recovered. Officials are unaware of any fraud resulting from the theft.

Attorney Cynthia Hutto says the password-protected laptop was stolen Oct. 16 from the car of an independent auditor. Notification letters didn’t go out until Dec. 18.

Hutto says it took time to determine what data was stolen, hire a company to notify members and set up credit monitoring. The auditor’s firm is paying for those services.

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