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Freedom in jail (access required)

County jails and “prison camps” have traditionally held a reputation as places where state inmates can do easy time (notwithstanding “easy time” being a ridiculous notion). Many inmates jump at the chance to serve as trustees at these institutions, which ...

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The rule of law

Notwithstanding apparent contradictions in headlines daily, there’s an old notion that no one is above the law — your majesty and his subjects, peasants and aristocrats are allegedly all subject to the law of the land. One police chief recently ...

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Mopeds, mo’ problems (access required)

It’s official: If you are driving a moped while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your days are numbered. Certainly, scooting under the influence was never OK or something we here at Lawyers Weekly would recommend, but thanks to ...

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Disgruntled ‘employee’ (access required)

Thomas Matherly doesn’t feel valued as an employee. It’s unclear what his job at the Butner Federal Correctional Institution, located in Butner, North Carolina, actually entails, but among myriad qualms he has with his supervisors is pay. Matherly, who has ...

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