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Get off my lawn! (access required)

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin probably was stoked when his city won a $195,000 grant to turn the South Carolina Statehouse grounds into a family fun park. Benjamin aims to temporarily outfit the 18-acre Statehouse campus with ping pong tables, putting ...

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The meaning of ‘occupy’ (access required)

Insurance maze

What does it mean to “occupy” a vehicle? For a South Carolina federal judge, intent was the key. But the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals focused on proximity. The appellate court on May 30 reversed U.S. District Judge J. ...

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Nobody’s a boy scout (access required)

Another sign of the apocalypse: When Frank Underwood, the cold and ruthlessly manipulative protagonist in Netflix’s dark political drama “House of Cards,” is being held out as a model politician. Sure, it might be disconcerting. But it’s also amusing, especially ...

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