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Bouncing ’round the room (access required)

After the main courtroom of the 103-year-old York County Courthouse was renovated to the tune of $10 million earlier this year, lawyers, judges, court reporters and anyone else who needed to hear what was happening in court found themselves in ...

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Rooftop adventure (access required)

It likely wasn’t as coordinated as the roof-tarring scene in The Shawshank Redemption, but somehow, a group of inmates ended up on the roof of one of South Carolina’s maximum-security prisons recently. Multiple media outlets have reported on the incident ...

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Lost time (access required)

Similar to a refund check from the cable company or a store credit at Wal-Mart, a South Carolina man who served more than 10 years in federal prison recently moved for the court to apply some of that active time ...

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The make-up man

In honor of National Newspaper Week, I want to share a story from the backrooms of the newspaper business. There are reporters with byline fever. There are editors who crusade. There are photographers who freeze moments of history. And then ...

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