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Into the wild (access required)

Talk to any of the 35-40 percent of inmates released from South Carolina prisons who make an eventual encore and you will likely find that many of them—if not most—attribute their return to the inability to make a living. It ...

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Cops won’t cop to use of quotas (access required)

South Carolina’s House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill April 26 that would prohibit police departments from requiring officers to meet quotas for ticket-writing—not that many departments will admit to using quotas as it is. House Bill 4387 would bar ...

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Cat’s meow (access required)

After failing twice to convince her fellow lawmakers to get on board with her effort to establish an “Eartha Kitt Day” in South Carolina, it appears that state Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter has finally succeeded. One wouldn’t think that it would ...

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