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That’s my boy (access required)

Maternal instinct trumps all, even common sense. Case in point: Richland County deputy Lisa Grazioli, whose unwise attempt to help her stubborn son during a traffic stop in neighboring Kershaw County led to an embarrassing incident and several criminal charges. ...

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Time to pay up (access required)

Cue the Law & Order: SVU music. Boom Booom. Dun dun dun dunn dunnn dunnnnn. The 6th Circuit Solicitor’s Office has launched the WCU — the Worthless Check Unit. When this Sidebar reporter read the headline in the Carolina Gateway ...

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What lies beneath (access required)

When a pipe springs a leak, most people call a plumber or grab the duct tape. But Lucille Ray of Rock Hill didn’t have the luxury of either option when a busted drainage pipe that belonged to the city began ...

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