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I told you so (access required)

Your spouse is always right. You’ve probably heard that before, but the results of a recent survey indicate that many corporate CEOs and business owners take it heart, even turning to their better halves for business advice rather than their ...

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With a song in your heart (access required)

If a funeral dirge was what typically played in the back of your mind while studying for the bar exam, Study Songs might have rocked your world. An app for iPads and iPhones created by several attorneys, it sets complicated ...

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Past due blues (access required)

If collecting your legal fees makes you feel “embarrassed,” “uncomfortable” or “greedy” you are not alone. According to a recent LexisNexis survey, 73 percent of small law firms sometimes have past due client accounts and more than half of the ...

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No one tailgates a moot court (access required)

With college football season kicking off this weekend, we offer our annual rankings of law schools with football teams, based not on gridiron prowess but on their law schools’ position in the U.S. News & World Report standings. For the ...

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One more online shopper (access required)

Shopping at Wal-Mart on Black Friday can be a harrowing experience, but one Spartanburg man suffered a more traumatic experience than most, one that led to his spending six days in jail on false charges. But Prakash Solanki will be ...

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Weird, any way you slice it

How do you like your pizza? With sausage? With extra cheese? Or perhaps with a dash of “showmanship”? These things matter, apparently, because one Greek citizen living in Massachusetts was denied an immigrant visa earlier this month at least partly ...

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Show some restraint (access required)

On the first day of testimony, on trial for armed robbery and murder, Keith Jackson made a run for it. During a lunch recess, he slipped out of his leg irons, broke away from bailiffs and bolted from the Guilford ...

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Repo man (access required)

A repo man got more than a Spartanburg woman’s vehicle during a recent repossession when, according to news reports, he was bitten by the owner. WLOS reported that repo man Scott Fowler claimed car owner Lakeisha Smith ran outside and ...

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