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Boston beef (access required)

Former Boston axeman Barry Goudreau must be feelin’ pretty satisfied right about now. Our sister paper to the north, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, recently reported that Goudreau fended off the bulk of the trademark infringement claims that Boston rock band founder ...

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What to wear? (access required)

What’s with the fashion police these days? In light of recent news reports, it has come to Sidebar’s attention that regulating the attire of courthouse personnel is apparently all the rage up the Eastern Seaboard. In Florida, a recent Supreme ...

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Customer’s Wrong (access required)

Statistically speaking, the customer can’t always be right, can he? According to a recent Utah Supreme Court ruling, they are not. Especially those who enter the store with the less-than-honorable intention of shoplifting and threatening workers. Five former employees challenged ...

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No Sidebar?! (access required)

We here at Sidebar are generally not fond of things that aim to eliminate sidebar, but upon closer inspection of a recent headline, the proposition of a federal judge in Iowa seems to be more juror-friendly than Sidebar-detrimental. As reported ...

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An innocent man (access required)

Rock Hill’s Jason Thatcher may not be innocent, by a strict definition of the word. His criminal history shows that he has been convicted of violating a law or two. But he did not rob a Rock Hill CVS in ...

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They Said It

S.C. Code Ann. § 62-2-507(h)(2), which attempts an “end run” around ERISA preemption, “is more the statutory equivalent of adding one to infinity, the classic technique in juvenile repartee used successfully by six year olds everywhere. As in, ‘Oh yeah? ...

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