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Mastering new domains (access required)

Whether it’s tacking esquire onto the end of your name or using your knowledge of the law to help (or lord over) laymen, being a lawyer has its perks. Now one more benefit can be added to that list – owning exclusive virtual real estate.

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We stand corrected (access required)

Earlier this month the South Carolina Supreme Court handed down a ruling overturning conclusions by the state’s Court of Appeals, its Workers Compensation Commission — and, in perhaps a first, directly overruling Sidebar. The case concerned whether an employee should ...

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Going to the cans (access required)

In our centerpiece story this week, we look at a South Carolina appellate opinion holding that residents have the right to shoot and kill threatening houseguests. But a middle school principal in Alabama has come up with a more unconventional ...

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Unlucky in love, but pretty smart (access required)

Going to law school may help you in many future endeavors, but apparently it won’t help you land a date, according a survey recently released by the legal staffing firm Special Counsel. In its survey, Special Counsel found that lawyers ...

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A matter of constitution (access required)

An Ohio-based group is working to remove a clause in South Carolina’s Constitution that is clearly at odds with the U.S. Constitution—although the chances of a re-write remain slim. Article VI, Section 2 of the state’s constitution says that “No ...

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Show me yours (access required)

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission apparently prefers one-way streets to two-way communications. In a federal lawsuit over discriminatory hiring practices, the EEOC demanded that BMW hand over its internal policy on criminal background checks for job applicants. BMW obliged, but ...

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