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In plain sight (access required)

A wanted Rock Hill man was arrested earlier this month after he all but walked into the local police station with a bow on his head. For reasons unknown, Samuel Wilson, who had arrest warrants for alleged domestic violence, decided ...

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Watch your mouth (access required)

The language of law is rich and varied. Anyone who goes to law school learns a whole new vocabulary. And words, especially in statutes, are open to different meanings and interpretations. But are they open to different pronunciations? Not so ...

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Bad business (access required)

Kool Moe Dee once said, “A fool and his money will always part.” (There’s some talk about the idiom actually originating in the 16th century, but whatever.) That was the case recently in Tega Cay, when police say a man ...

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A flight of fancy? (access required)

Orangeburg lawyer and convicted hawk killer Charles Williams apparently has a problem with nature lovers. Williams, a University of South Carolina trustee, is unhappy with the sentence he received after pleading guilty to trapping and killing more than 30 hawks, ...

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Wonton and reckless (access required)

Charleston’s A1 China Super Buffet, which has garnered such internet praise as “best Chinese buffet in town!” and “off the chain” may be on the hook if there’s any truth to accusations being lobbed by a former employee. Court records ...

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Poaching pioneers (access required)

In his mugshot, 23-year-old Paul Simmons Jr. of North Carolina looks reasonably intimidating, to the extent that one can be intimidated by a photograph. This is a good thing for “PJ,” as prison records list him, since he is headed ...

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