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Meet the Press (access required)

The University of South Carolina School of Law is stepping up to the plate to help out the journalism profession. This fall, the school will host the first East Coast offering of the Journalist Law School, an educational program for ...

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Ban lifted

Good initiative, bad judgment. That old Marine Corps saying could perhaps be applied to Columbia’s City Council regarding its July 9 weapons ban affecting the 250-foot area surrounding the State House. A day after South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson ...

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Like a cheap suit (access required)

It’s a relatively common practice for inmates to clog prison toilets and flood cell blocks by flushing toilet paper, books or other belongings down the penitentiary john, but according to officials in Arizona, a prisoner there is clogging the dockets ...

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An officer and a tipsy man (access required)

Gregg Henkel of Simpsonville had his third DUI, then he didn’t, and now he does again. These last few years have really been a roller coaster for the 50-something man who was popped twice in two months for over-imbibing and ...

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Battle of the badge (access required)

There’s something almost comical about seeing corpulent, middle-aged (and beyond) men tussle on the side of a country road, fighting not only one another, but to keep their balance on snow- and ice-covered grounds. Only Chester County’s Sheriff Alex Underwood ...

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A super-duper analysis of Justice Scalia (access required)

Since joining the U.S. Supreme Court in 1986, Justice Antonin Scalia has been famous for his strident dissenting opinions. This year’s just-concluded term offered some of Scalia’s most withering ripostes ever. For Scalia scholars, they yield further evidence that the ...

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