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Ice cream caper (access required)

When choosing a getaway vehicle, savvy crooks usually look for something fast and nondescript. Ice cream truck isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. A Rock Hill woman charged with stealing two pairs of underwear from a Dollar General ...

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Boiled with his own pudding (access required)

You learn about all kinds of interesting people in court opinions. In one South Carolina Supreme Court decision this month, we met a fellow whose role model appears to be Ebenezer Scrooge—the pre-Christmas Eve version, that is. According the court’s ...

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Lawsuit gets derail-ed (access required)

A lawsuit brought by one South Carolina man wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of his own teaching skills. Dennis Lafevers had sued his former employer, the Norfolk Southern Railway Company, for injuries he sustained while lifting and carrying derails, large ...

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Legalese put under microscope (access required)

When reviewing a contract, it’s crucial to read the fine print—although if your print is as fine as that used by one South Carolina software services company, you may be asking a bit more than is reasonable. The company, Spartanburg-based ...

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DEAL OR NO DEAL (access required)

When Rock Hill detectives questioned 19-year-old Abbdul Emmanuel recently about his involvement in a string of crimes, they told him he could walk out of the police department a free man if he’d rat on the gang he was ostensibly ...

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Notable Sidebar Thus Far (access required)

While Sidebar can’t compete with the Most Important Opinions for gravitas, some of our stories are worth a second look. As such, here’s what happened with a few of our notable Sidebars of the past year.   Update: We’re happy ...

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