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No newer manure (access required)

There will be no more horse stables at 45 Pinckney St. in Charleston, says the state Court of Appeals. Arkay LLC and Robert Knoth, owner of Carolina Polo & Carriage Co., had applied for a special use exception to operate ...

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Calhoun saloon (access required)

According to state law, a coroner in South Carolina is authorized to carry a handgun while engaged in official duties. According to the State Law Enforcement Division, confronting obnoxious boaters while hanging out at the river, clothed in swimming attire ...

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Emoji Cop (access required)

Being a class clown isn’t the way most folks start a productive life. But it’s worked out OK so far for Bob Beres, who today uses his sense of humor not only to make people laugh, but to save lives. ...

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Dealt a bad Hand (access required)

As lawyers, you’ve all had ungrateful clients. Clients who didn’t appreciate your efforts, didn’t listen to your advice, and so on. But no client, perhaps, has been more ungrateful and downright rude than Ricky Hand, 46, of Springfield, Ohio. According ...

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