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Cheater, cheater lawsuit eater (access required)

The old saying about cheaters and prosperity appears to be catching up with adultery website AshleyMadison.com. In 2013, Lawyers Weekly wrote about a North Carolina lawyer who was spinning his wheels trying to serve the Toronto-based site with a lawsuit ...

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That’s not how it works (access required)

 It’s OK for strippers to disrobe in strip clubs. That’s what they do. But customers should resist the impulse to join the trou-dropping action. Give in to that urge and bad things are bound to happen, especially if you’re a ...

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Ability to defend (access required)

Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood hasn’t been happy about much lately. He’s being sued by two firefighters who call him a bully; he’s regularly clashing with County Council over money; and recently had four deputies replaced by security guards in ...

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Bad Samaritan (access required)

Good Samaritan laws are in place to help protect citizens who render aid to sick, injured or otherwise-in-peril people. Claiming good intentions to wiggle out of judgment calls gone wrong does not fit in that box. According to 50-year-old Charles ...

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Mmm… donuts (access required)

Any legal argument that can be described as Homer Simpson-esque is likely to fail, as evidenced by an ill-fated theory that a nuclear waste facility in Barnwell County tried to float past the South Carolina Court of Appeals. Attorneys for ...

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This might take forever (access required)

Few things last forever anymore. All around us, marriages crumble, taxes are evaded, tattoos are removed. Even a life sentence doesn’t necessarily mean for the rest of your life. But it’s usually a mighty long time, and for that reason ...

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