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Banned for life (access required)

Suspended lawyer George McMaster, the brother of South Carolina’s lieutenant governor, is no longer welcome at one of Columbia’s most exclusive clubs. Richland County Circuit Judge Tanya Gee banned McMaster from The Palmetto Club for life after he pleaded guilty ...

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More data to crunch (access required)

In a recent Sidebar, Columbia appellate lawyer Elizabeth Franklin-Best was quoted as saying, “There should not be a repeat of what happened at the last hearing.” As it turns out, she was wrong. She had been referring to an assistant ...

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Funds out, guns out (access required)

Folks should not have to sell their firearms to satisfy their debts, a South Carolina representative says. During a time in which the gun debate rages on and firearm enthusiasts fear that the government is coming for their guns, a ...

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Be careful what you ask for (access required)

In late March, a trial judge in Charleston continued a post-conviction relief hearing centered on a study that was used to support allegations of race-based jury selection in a death penalty case after a prosecutor pointed out that the analysis ...

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Foul called on ref (access required)

Referees are rarely the most popular folks on the field, but one who lectures parents in the visiting team’s bleachers right before peeing in their plain view is a truly boo-worthy official. And according to a news report from the ...

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Facebook officials (access required)

Evidence. Black’s Law Dictionary defines it as “Something that tends to prove or disprove the existence of an alleged fact.” It’s the smoking gun. The bloody glove. The Facebook comments at the end of a newspaper article. Wait, what? OK, ...

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Above the law (access required)

Whether she’s absent-minded or belligerent, the Louisiana Supreme Court has decided that it’s best that a Pointe Coupee Parish justice of the peace take some unpaid time off to go think about what she’s done. Or failed to do. The ...

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