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Adjudge me two times (access required)

When you write about lawsuits all day, it’s easy to forget that most people go their whole lives without being named as a defendant in a lawsuit, much less a lawsuit that results in a decision handed down by the ...

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Ghost thruster (access required)

Slip-and-falls are a common occurrence and quite a familiar claim to tort lawyers. There are wet floors, banana peels and similar perils. But claims of angry ghosts violently shoving clients to the deck in law-firm lobbies have to be fewer ...

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We knew she was trouble (access required)

Trademark infringers are going to hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, but music superstar Taylor Swift has applied for federal trademarks for a number of seemingly common phrases that appear on her latest hit album, “1989.” Swift’s lawyers filled in the ...

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4th and wrong: Who’s at the mike? (access required)

We’re not sure what it is about the Super Bowl that brings out the creative marketing in our neighbors to the south, but another Georgia lawyer has created a Super Bowl commercial that makes Sidebar ask, “What the what?” Last ...

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Are you the one? (access required)

Those who protest against income inequality proudly proclaim that “We are the 99 percent.” But those on the cusp might find themselves no longer part of the 99 percent if they were to move across state lines. And ambitious earners ...

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