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Jurors: Deadlocked on SC State trustee case

COLUMBIA (AP) — Jurors considering corruption charges against a former South Carolina State University trustee say they are deadlocked after three days of deliberation.

Jurors sent a note to U.S. District Judge David Norton about their inability to reach a decision around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

It was not clear if they are deadlocked on all 45 charges against Jonathan Pinson and seven counts against business partner Eric Robinson. Norton ordered the jurors to return today.

One juror has a conflict and will be let go Thursday afternoon, leaving 11 jurors on the case.

Jurors listened to several of the wiretapped calls by Pinson that prosecutors put into evidence, including one where Pinson discusses possibly getting a Porsche SUV from a Florida businessman.

Pinson’s attorneys say he never benefited from any of the deals.

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