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Girls, girls, girls

By: Heath Hamacher//August 5, 2015

Girls, girls, girls

By: Heath Hamacher//August 5, 2015

While Rock Hill native Jadeveon Clowney is busy rehabbing his knee and making millions in the NFL, his dad is getting tossed out of strip clubs and arrested for attempted murder.

David Morgan, 45, faces a number of charges, each of which can send him back to prison for a substantial amount of time. There’s attempted murder—two counts—and weapons charges related to the pistol he was prohibited from possessing.

The incident has been reported by everyone from The (Rock Hill) Herald to ESPN. According to police reports, Morgan, aka “Chilli Bean,” was thrown out of the not-so-posh Crazy Horse Showclub Aug. 4 for sitting on the stage.

One of the victims, the club manager, said he found Morgan crouched outside and aiming a gun at him around 2:15 a.m. Morgan fired several rounds at the man, police say, but the only bullet that found its mark was a return round the manager fired, striking Morgan in the back.

Morgan went to the hospital, where he was arrested.

On Aug. 5, a mumbling Morgan dawdled out of court before Judge Jane Modla, who had just denied bond, finished speaking with him, according to a video posted on The Herald’s website.

An attorney representing Morgan at that hearing offered that Morgan was not a danger to the community because despite being a convicted burglar and batterer, he is an older man now and hasn’t committed any major crimes since being released from prison.

Well, unless you count firing 9mm rounds at a club manager and into an occupied building.

Morgan said he hasn’t worked since 2013 and stays with a “friend girl.” He is a man of “humble” financial means (Does this mean he didn’t make it rain in the club?), the lawyer said.

Modla was unswayed, submitting that shooting at people makes one a danger to the community.

Morgan’s attorney also said he fears his client’s wound may become infected in jail.

Sidebar assumes that Morgan’s cell block will be devoid of girls and guns, but Modla assured him that he would be provided with medical care.

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