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Slinging things, the bluecoat brings

By: Heath Hamacher//January 10, 2017//

Slinging things, the bluecoat brings

By: Heath Hamacher//January 10, 2017//

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There’s probably never a good time to throw a knife at someone inside a bar, but certainly not when you could hit the local police station if you turned 90 degrees to your left and tossed the weapon with a little bit of oompf.

According to a report out of York County, though, that’s what 30-year-old Christopher Blackmon decided to do on the evening of Jan. 5 inside McHale’s on Main, located just across the street from the Rock Hill Law Center.

Citing a police report, The (Rock Hill) Herald reported that a ride to jail served as the nightcap for Blackmon, who was allegedly intoxicated when police met with him. (I know — who’d ever expect to find a drunk guy in a bar.)

A woman reportedly told officers that Blackmon threw his knife, with the blade opened, at her while she was behind the bar. His motive is unclear.

Blackmon was charged with disorderly conduct, offering violence, and carrying an unlawful weapon. It’s unclear whether the knife was actually illegal, but Rock Hill Police spokesman Mark Bollinger said there is an ordinance “still on the books” prohibiting the carrying of “dirks, daggers, knives etc.” The ordinance actually reads “…any dirk, dagger, slingshot … razor…” and makes no mention of knives. But state law renders unlawful the carrying of such items as metal pipes or poles, “…or object which may be used to inflict bodily injury or death.”

“[We] do not make this charge a lot, but when a knife is used in an offensive manner, officers may charge this violation,” Bollinger wrote in an email.

This Sidebar reporter digresses, but the takeaway is simple: Don’t throw any item, legally carried or not, at another person.

In other words, we legally possess cell phones, car keys, and cast-iron skillets, but we cannot, with malice in our hearts, pitch them at the populace. Unless, of course, you’re Blackmon; he doesn’t care. Court records show that in November, he pleaded guilty to throwing bodily fluids by a prisoner on a corrections/law enforcement officer.

That’s just nasty.

Personally, I’d prefer an incoming pocket knife any day.

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