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You’re fired

A self-described “unashamed, unabashed white devil” from Ridgeville lost his job and gained instant notoriety after appearing in a New York Times photograph next to the man accused of plowing a car through counter-protesters gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Nigel Krofta, 27, got called out on social media after he was pictured beside James Fields Jr., who later allegedly used his car to kill a young woman and hurt 19 others, according to police.

On his Facebook profile, Krofta had written that his political views are “Racist, Nazi, Ignorant, Right-Winger, Anti-Semite, Islamophobe, Fascist, Dumbass.”

But it was only after he was spotted in the photo with Fields that he was fired from his job as a welder and mechanic at Limehouse & Sons, according to the Charleston Post & Courier, which interviewed Krofta in an exchange on Facebook.

Krofta, who said he’d just met Fields when the photo was taken, remained defiant: “I am not ashamed of standing for what I believe in,” he wrote.

He added, “They can attack my livelihood all they want, but I am not a materialist so it doesn’t matter whether I am poor and homeless or have a steady comfy life.”

That’s good, because it appears that Krofta’s life is going to be a lot less comfortable from now on.

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