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Something’s not right here

A crime story involving an alleged gun-toting self-described “cool cop” who had an encounter with some motorists, one of whom was vomiting, is classic Myrtle Beach weirdness.   

The “cool cop,” who has been identified as 43-year-old Alec Hall Jr., allegedly approached three people in a car that had stopped on Isabella Lane shortly before midnight on March 1, according to a report from The Sun News. The driver later told police that he’d pulled over because one of his passengers was puking.

That’s when Hall allegedly emerged from “nowhere and pointed a gun” at the driver, according to a police report. Hall then allegedly identified himself as a police officer, flashed an ID and ordered the driver to exit the car.

“The driver told police he could smell beer on the suspect and saw the suspect stumbling.

Hall then told the driver to take him home. The driver told police he didn’t say no to the suspect because of the gun,” The Sun News reported.

The weirdness continued at Hall’s house, where he went inside and returned to the victims’ car with beer, according to police.

Back inside the car, Hall allegedly said he was a “cool cop,” asked for money, and said he could get the victims some marijuana “if then needed it.” Then he told them that “if they smoked with him that’s how they would know he was good people.”

Hall allegedly hung out in the car for 20 minutes before announcing that he had to leave. The victims called the real police and Hall was arrested at his house. He reportedly said that he was the local maintenance man and one of his responsibilities was to “run people off.”

If that’s the case, he did a pretty good job.

Unfortunately, he’s now facing charges of pointing and presenting a firearm at a person, kidnapping and unlawful carrying of a pistol.

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