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The cost of extra sauce

If you’re doin’ dirt, ridin’ dirty, or otherwise breaking the law, at least do so on the down low. You know, without calling attention to yourself.

On a recent episode of Live PD, Richland County deputies responded to multiple incidents where a little anonymity would have gone a long way for citizens.

One call led deputies to a seedy, oft-featured and highly policed Columbia motel where a man parked his car in a no-parking zone, leaving drug paraphernalia in plain view. Another call saw deputies respond to loud music at what appeared to be a fraternity house. There, they found under-age folks drinking on the porch and, through open windows, saw others passed out, surrounded by weed bongs.

And just last week, Rock Hill police arrested a boisterous McDonald’s customer not for being disoderly, but because he didn’t have a driver’s license.

Of course, had the North Carolina man not let his bad attitude shine like a golden arch in the York County sky, cops never would’ve been summoned to begin with. Tyrell Brown would’ve gotten his Mickey D’s combo and been on his way. But no. According to police, Brown chose to get rowdy with fast food workers because he wanted more sauce. It’s unclear what Brown ordered, how many sauces he received, or how many more he believed he was entitled to. But it’s completely clear that he was arrested and taken to a local jail, where one can reasonably suspect that nothing on the menu tasted as good as whatever he ordered, with or without enough sauce.

Lawyers Weekly doesn’t know whether Brown will bother with an attorney for this relatively minor charge, but this Sidebar reporter believes that it would have been easier for Brown, rather than to put himself in a position to incriminate himself, to simply refrain from acting so saucy over a condiment.

Few things in life are worth going to jail over. And certainly, McDonald’s dipping sauces are not on the list.

Now, if this had been Chick-fil-A…

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