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Artist no longer starving for justice

Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook is crying foul after an artist who vandalized his own luxury car was found not guilty of public disorderly conduct.

Holbrook is apparently upset that the artist, Michael Anastasion, outgunned the Columbia PD in municipal court by hiring attorney Neal Lourie, who argued that Holbrook’s department had not turned over evidence in the case.

“Based upon my review of this matter, I believe we had sufficient probable cause to bring a criminal charge against the subject in this case, although I admit the case was not properly handled in municipal court,” Holbrook told the Free Times in an email.  

“Whenever a highly respected and experienced lawyer makes a technical legal motion against a young unrepresented police officer, the people of Columbia are at a distinct disadvantage,” he added.

Anastasion was arrested after defacing his Mercedes with provocative phrases such as “f— your privilege,” “f— your education,” “f— Republicans,” “f— Trump,” and “Black Lives Matter.”

He also was allegedly “grossly intoxicated” during the incident, which occurred at about 1:30 a.m. in Five Points.

That seems about right.

Anastasion later explained that “his actions were a spontaneous art protest meant to speak out against his own white privilege and white privilege broadly,” according to The State.

Now, in the wake of his legal victory, Anastasion reportedly plans to sue the police department —  and Holbrook wants prosecutors and his veteran officers to provide backup to less experienced cops during non-jury motions in municipal court.

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