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Greenville attorney reprimanded

Attorney: Stephen A. Yacobi

Location: Greenville

Bar membership: Member since 1980

Disciplinary action: Publicly reprimanded on March 14

Background: Yacobi failed to timely respond to a notice of investigation from the ODC. When contacted by ODC, Yacobi explained his non-lawyer staff had not made him aware of the notices. He acknowledged he failed to supervise his non-lawyer staff and failed to make reasonable efforts to ensure their conduct was compatible with his professional obligations. Also, Yacobi admits that in a family court matter in 2013 and 2014 he failed to prepare, file, or serve pleadings on behalf of his clients in a timely manner or initiate communication with them to keep them reasonably informed as to the status of their case. In addition, in 2014 Yacobi’s bank reported that he presented a check against insufficient funds in his real estate trust account. An ODC examination revealed that Yacobi had multiple negative client subaccount ledgers, which ODC determined were a result of carelessness in accounting for disbursements. Despite there being no indication of misappropriation, Yacobi was not reconciling the real estate trust account as required and was not maintaining adequate records as required.

Previous discipline: None

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