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They Said It

“Former Chief Justice Costa Pleicones appointed Circuit Judge Tanya Gee as an Acting Judge of this court in the summer of [2016]. Judge Gee served as a law clerk, Chief Staff Attorney, and Clerk of Court for the Court of Appeals. After this appointment she was going to be, temporarily at least, a judge on the court. No one has ever held this number of positions on this court. Judge Gee was filled with pride and happiness, as were her colleagues. She was assigned this case as her first case as a Judge on the court in which she had devoted so much of her life. Fate intervened before she could sit on a panel to hear this case and be recorded as issuing an opinion for the Court of Appeals. A disease that has caused so much sadness to so many ended her life on September 28, 2016. The appellate process had to begin anew after her death. This note records her positions, her work, and her devotion to this court in so many roles, culminating at the time of her death as a member of the South Carolina Court of Appeals.” – from a footnote by Chief Judge Lockemy in Forfeited Land Commission v. Beard.


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