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Lawmakers send SC $8 billion budget to governor

(AP) South Carolina lawmakers have sent the state’s $8 billion spending plan to Gov. Henry McMaster, but not before a squabble over abortion.

The Senate approved the budget on a 30-9 vote, and three hours later June 28, the House approved the spending plan on an 84-28 vote.

Many of the no votes came from Republicans who oppose all abortions want to remove $34 million that Medicaid gives for family planning and abstinence education and replace it with state budget money. That would allow lawmakers to remove about $20,000 that goes to Planned Parenthood.

Plenty of Republicans, even those against abortions, said the move is shortsighted and will impact other parts of the budget like help for families with children with autism.

Gov. Henry McMaster has promised to use his line-item veto to remove the money, setting up a showdown. Lawmakers will need two-thirds support to keep the money in the spending plan.

The budget, as passed, would give a 1 percent salary increase for teachers and provide money to build a new $54 million state crime lab.

$17 million is also allocated for school safety measures — mostly door locks, cameras and metal detectors.

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