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Upset in Columbia

Here’s a surprise from last Tuesday’s voting:

A political newcomer, Kambrell Garvin, knocked off a 10-year veteran of the South Carolina House, Rep. Joe McEachern, D-Richland County, for the Democratic nomination.

Here’s another surprise:

Garvin is a law student at the University of South Carolina law school.

Do the math:

Garvin would have been in the 11th grade when his McEachern was first elected.

McEachern actually bested Garvin in the June 12 primary, beating him by seven votes in a four-candidate field, according to The Associated Press.

But everyone who voted for the other guys must have favored Garvin Jun 26, because to took the nomination for House District 77 by a 70-30 percent margin, according to WLTX.

Garvin is a native of Columbia who earned his undergraduate degree in 2013 from Winthrop University before getting a Masters degree in Science Education from Johns Hopkins in 2016.

He’s currently enrolled at the USC School of Law.

According to his campaign website, however, shaking up the status quo is in his blood.

His grandfather, Rev. Henry McGill Jr. was the first African American to serve on his local city council in the 1970s.

The campaign website said that Garvin has been organizing voter registration campaigns since the age of 10, and working on political campaigns since the age of 12. He has served in youth leadership positions for the NAACP and as the Winthrop student body president.

Now he’s joining the big leagues, running to hold state political office.

To do that, he’s in pretty good shape. He won’t have a Republican opponent in November, so all he’ll have to do is get past Libertarian candidate Justin Bishop.

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