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Well, that’s a fine howdy-do

Some doors are best left closed, especially when you’re a meth dealer and the handle you’re reaching for is attached to a unmarked vehicle packed with drug enforcement agents and their K-9.

Despite the fact that the police dog was barking, 40-year-old Eric Hall of Goose Creek went ahead and pulled that handle, according to a report from WCSC-TV in Charleston.

When Hall saw the excited K-9 and drug agents sitting inside the vehicle, he reportedly said, “Oh ****! What’s up guys?”  

Then he allegedly dropped some baggies and kicked them under the vehicle—right before he was arrested. The baggies contained more than 31 grams of meth, according to police. Hall had left a passenger behind in his vehicle when authorities said he hopped out to make the ill-fated drug delivery. And when police searched the passenger they allegedly found another baggie of meth.

Reflecting on the unusually easy bust, a Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office representative told WCSC that the agents had been responding to a drug complaint and parked nearby in an attempt to “encourage the person to leave the area.”

“Normally a canine equipped police vehicle is pretty effective in getting drug dealers to leave an area,” the official said. “It was not.”

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