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Civil Rights – Medicaid Program – Former Governor’s Liability

Plaintiffs’ allegations against former Governor Nikki Haley relate simply to her alleged supervisory responsibility as governor, and there is no evidence that Haley was personally involved in the reduction of plaintiff’s Medicaid services, failure to provide adequate care, or alleged misuse of the administrative review process. Therefore, to the extent Ambassador Haley remains a party to this action, she is entitled to summary judgment.

Motion granted.

Timpson v. Haley (Lawyers Weekly No. 002-135-18, 11 pp.) (Donald Coggins Jr., J.) 6:16-cv-01174; Patricia Harrison and Robert Childs III for plaintiffs; James Fayssoux Jr., James William Logan Jr., Karl Bowers Jr., Michael Todd Smith, Evan Markus Gessner, Patrick John Frawley, William Joseph Maye, Kenneth Paul Woodington, William Henry Davidson II, Damon C Wlodarczyk, Christopher McKenzie Wasson, Knox Haynsworth III, Barbara Murcier Bowens and Paul Swain Landis for defendants. D.S.C.


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