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Sam Applegate – Moore & Van Allen


For a Charleston kid who grew up riding his bicycle to school, and whose first job was moving furniture, Sam Applegate is all about covering ground. The UNC Law School grad helped launch the first statewide law firm in 1987 by combining three previously independent firms in Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville into Haynsworth, Marion, McKay & Guerard.

Applegate covered quite a bit of ground on his first date with now-wife, True. He told her presciently that he would marry her. You might say he was True to his word.

The son of school teachers, Applegate enjoys the mentoring role himself, and is proud of his work guiding young attorneys in the sunrise of their careers. He joined Moore & Van Allen in 1997 to help the firm inaugurate its Charleston office and while serving as managing director had many opportunities to mentor colleagues.

“My last formal mentee was Moore & Van Allen Charleston associate Andrew Rhea, Esq.,” he said.

Like many lawyers, Applegate is enamored with the dimpled little ball. He describes golf as his favorite guilty pleasure and says his vision of the next phase of his life is to continue doing what he does now, except get better at golf.

If Applegate hadn’t been a lawyer, he says he would have used his economics degree from North Carolina to go into finance. Or he might have been a hockey player. Friends are surprised to discover that he played varsity hockey in prep school in Connecticut. His team made it to the championship game played in the Yale Whale Ice Rink.

And now, he’s in the South Carolina Lawyers Weekly Hall of Fame.

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