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Man electrocuted by sander settles lawsuit for $2M


A man who was shocked while using a floor sander has confidentially settled a lawsuit against the merchant that rented it to him for $2 million, his attorney reports.

Billy Walker of Walker Morgan in Lexington reported that his client, whose name was withheld pursuant to a confidentiality agreement, was using the floor sander to renovate his daughter’s bedroom in 2016. When he plugged the sander in, it delivered him a severe shock that knocked him unconscious for several moments as his wife watched. He was taken to a hospital where he was observed for two days.

The sander had a worn cord that caused the shock, Walker said.



“It was just a cord that was frayed, and they didn’t bother to check it before they rented it to him,” Walker said.

The only externally visible injury the client suffered was a small burn mark, but the shock caused him to suffer neurological problems, particularly debilitating migraines that have caused him to quit driving and limit other activities. Walker said it’s not widely known that getting a low-wattage shock can cause such severe injuries.

“It really, really messed him up,” Walker said. The client ultimately had to have an electrical stimulator installed in his spine to mitigate the pain from the migraines.

Walker said his client is now doing the best that he can, but has to “try and not overdo it.”

Due to the confidentiality agreement, other details about the case, including the identity of the defendants and their counsel, were unavailable.

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Amount: $2 million

Injuries alleged: Electrocution causing brain injury leading to migraines

Case name: Confidential

Court: Confidential

Date of settlement: Confidential

Attorney for plaintiff: William “Billy” Walker of Walker Morgan in Lexington

Attorney for defendant: Withhel


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