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Nightclub’s landlord to pay $1.3M for shootout on premises 

By: Heath Hamacher//October 6, 2021

Nightclub’s landlord to pay $1.3M for shootout on premises 

By: Heath Hamacher//October 6, 2021


A woman who was caught in the crossfire of a gang shootout has settled her lawsuit against the landlord of the nightclub where the shooting took place for $1.3 million, her attorneys report. 

Brian Mickelsen and Danny Dalton of Mickelsen Dalton in Charleston report that their client suffered multiple jaw fractures after she was struck in the face by a stray bullet fired from a nearby nightclub. Dalton said that the woman was not a club patron and was standing across the street when a fight outside the club led to gunfire. 


The settlement came against the club’s landlord, and Dalton said that establishments must be held accountable where there’s a history of violence spilling outside its doors and into the community. 

“A business’ duty to exercise reasonable care does not end at its property line,” Dalton said. “While our client’s life will never be the same, we are confident she will have the means to get the best treatment she needs to move forward with her life.”  

Many details of the case, including the names of the parties and the venue, were withheld pursuant to a confidentiality agreement. 



Amount: $1.3 million  

Injuries alleged: Multiple jaw fractures 

Case name: Withheld  

Court: Withheld 

Date of settlement: February 2021  

Attorneys for plaintiff: Brian Mickelsen and Danny Dalton of Mickelsen Dalton in Charleston  

Attorneys for defendant: Withheld 

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