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Charleston attorney suspended for nine months

By: David Donovan//April 14, 2022//

Charleston attorney suspended for nine months

By: David Donovan//April 14, 2022//

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Attorney: P. Michael DuPree

Location: Charleston

Bar membership: Member since 1988

Disciplinary action: Suspended from the practice of law for nine months on April 13, retroactive to the date of his interim suspension.

Background: On March 20, 2021, DuPree was arrested after a physical altercation with his girlfriend at a bowling alley. DuPree, who had been drinking, approached his girlfriend from behind, put his arms around her neck, pulled her backwards, and pulled her hair. A third party saw DuPree assault his girlfriend and intervened by physically restraining and hitting DuPree. DuPree was charged with third-degree assault and battery. He self-reported the criminal charge to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel on March 29, 2021 and admitted himself into an inpatient treatment program. The Supreme Court subsequently placed DuPree on interim suspension. Following his release from inpatient treatment, DuPree contacted Lawyers Helping Lawyers and continued with outpatient treatment. The Attorney General’s office referred DuPree to the Dorchester County pretrial intervention program in July 2021. In September 2021, after completion of the program, the solicitor nolle prossed DuPree’s criminal charge, and the circuit court subsequently entered an order for destruction of the related arrest records.

Previous discipline: DuPree had been on interim suspension since April 16, 2021. DuPree had previously been suspended from the practice of law for nine months in February 2013 after pleading guilty to two counts of assault, one count of interference with a peace officer making a lawful arrest, and one count of failure to disclose identity in the state of Utah.

All information contained in the Bar Discipline Roundup is compiled and edited by Lawyers Weekly editor in chief David Donovan. He can be reached at [email protected].

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