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Couple awarded $5M in vehicle crash settlement 

By: Haviland Stewart//December 1, 2022

Couple awarded $5M in vehicle crash settlement 

By: Haviland Stewart//December 1, 2022

A husband and wife that were injured in a March 2022 auto accident were awarded $5 million in a pre-suit settlement in August. 

In March 2022, the couple, who were in their early- to mid-60s, was traveling on Interstate77 northbound near Chester, S.C., when they were rear-ended by a semitrailer.  

Gathering of driver qualification files, trip documents, and satellite tracking data revealed that the semitrailer driver was on cruise control at 69 mph up until 0.25 seconds from impact, causing the defendants’ vehicle to accelerate from 8 mph to 54 mph in less than a second. 

The trucking company retained defense counsel after receiving a letter of representation and demand for preservation of evidence. Full pre-suit discovery was conducted to include gathering of driver qualification file, trip documents, satellite tracking data, post-accident drug and alcohol test results, as well as inspections and downloads of all vehicles involved.  

The couple suffered severe injuries. The wife experienced multiple rib fractures on her left and right sides, transverse process fractures, bilateral pneumothorax, iliac fractures, and peripheral neuropathy, requiring $718,303.79 in medical bills. The husband suffered a capsular fracture and laminar fracture, paying $65,470.80 in medical bills.  

Plaintiff attorney Jason Reynolds with Samuel Reynolds Law Firm in Columbia, S.C., was thankful the couple was able to resolve its medical bills.  

“You can’t ever replace life and limb through money. It’s an absolute imperfect system, but it’s the only system we have,” Reynolds said. “But my clients being able to receive the funds from the settlement has allowed them to completely resolve any outstanding medical bill issues and take care of any needs they may have related to any future treatment.” 


Amount: $5 million (global) 

Injuries alleged: Wife: multiple left and right rib fractures, transverse process fractures, bilateral pneumothorax, iliac fractures, peripheral neuropathy. Husband: scapular fracture, laminar fracture C6-C7     

Case name: Withheld  

Court: Pre-suit but venue would have been US District Court – Rock Hill Division 

Judge: None. Pre-suit settlement  

Date of settlement: August 2022  

Special damages: Wife: $718,303.79 Husband: $65,470.80 

Most helpful experts: Ken Richardson/Bryan Miller of Engineering Expert, Inc. (accident reconstruction), David Stopper of Stopper & Associates LLC (transportation safety) 

Attorneys for plaintiff: P. Jason Reynolds of Samuels Reynolds Law Firm in Columbia, S.C. 

Attorney(s) for defendant: Withheld  

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