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Hit-and-run victim settles for $900,000 

By: Haviland Stewart//December 1, 2022

Hit-and-run victim settles for $900,000 

By: Haviland Stewart//December 1, 2022

A motorcyclist was awarded $900,000 after being injured in an accident. 

On May 11, 2018, plaintiff Gail Thomas was riding her motorcycle north on US Highway 17 near Surfside Beach, South Carolina. According to her counsel, Mark J. Bringardner, as she reached the intersection of U.S. 17 and Atlantic Avenue, the defendant, Christopher Conrad Jr., made a sudden and unsafe left turn and crashed into plaintiff. Following the accident, defendant fled the scene but was never apprehended or charged with a hit-and-run. 

During litigation, defendant claimed that he had a green turn arrow, which was disputed by the plaintiff. The defendant did admit to fleeing the scene of the accident but claimed that he was not at-fault for the crash. Liability was disputed for the duration of the case.  

Due to the accident, the plaintiff sustained a broken arm which required surgical intervention and the implantation of hardware. Her broken arm, as well as additional injuries to her spine continued after the crash and significantly compromised her ability to enjoy the activities she once loved without pain or limitation, Bringardner reported. 

The defense attorneys did not respond for comment.  

Type of Action: Civil 

Injuries Alleged: Left humeral fracture, lumbar facet joint injuries, left hip injury, neck injury 

Name of Case: Gail Thomas v. Christopher Conrad, Jr. 

Court: Court of Common Pleas, Horry County 

Case number: 2019-CP-26-07285 

Tried Before: Settled during litigation for the insurance policy limits. 

Judge, arbitrator, or mediator: Tom Wills 

Special Damages: $174,901 

Verdict or Settlement: Settlement  

Amount: $900,000.00 

Date of Settlement: August 27, 2022 

Demand: $900,000 

Insurance Carrier: Allstate, Progressive 

Attorney(s) for the Plaintiff: Mark J. Bringardner, Bringardner Injury Law Firm (Charleston); Justin Lovely, The Lovely Law Firm (Myrtle Beach) 

Attorney(s) for the Defendant: Pamela Cobiella, The Pearce Law Group (Myrtle Beach); Jeff Crudup, Clarkson Walsh Coulter (Charleston) 

Were liability and/or damages contested: Yes 

Was opposing party represented by legal counsel: Yes 

Has the plaintiff been successful in collecting the judgment: Yes 

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