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Attorneys – Discipline – Definite Suspension – Overbilling 

The respondent-associate is suspended from the practice of law after using his firm’s software to inflate the hours that he worked, resulting in an overpayment of $17,772.74 by the firm (no clients overpaid). The associate repaid the overpayment, expresses remorse and explains that his preoccupation with financial security arose from his disadvantaged upbringing. Respondent explains that he erred in allowing his desperation to prove his personal worthiness and to achieve financial security to eclipse his better judgment. Respondent also states he has worked with several counselors to understand why he committed misconduct. 

We accept the agreement for discipline by consent and suspend respondent from the practice of law in this state for six months. 

In re Jacob (Lawyers Weekly No. 010-046-22, 3 pp.) (Per Curiam) John Nichols and Sara Parker Morris for the Office of Disciplinary Counsel; Barbara Marie Seymour for respondent. S.C. S. Ct. 

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