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Companies partner to improve rural broadband

By: BridgeTower Media Newswires//September 12, 2023

Companies partner to improve rural broadband

By: BridgeTower Media Newswires//September 12, 2023

Two South Carolina companies are working together to improve internet connectivity in rural South Carolina.

STL, headquartered in Columbia with a manufacturing plant in Lugoff, and TruVista, headquartered in Chester, are investing heavily in manufacturing and building fiber networks, the companies said in a news release.

STL is an optical and digital solutions company. TruVista is a 125-year-old company that provides broadband services and applications.

STL has invested significantly in its state-of-the-art fiber optic technology manufacturing facility in Lugoff, with end-to-end advanced automation, the news release said. In a similar vein, TruVista, which also serves customers in Georgia, is investing more than $12 million in rural broadband, a significant portion of which will be dedicated to South Carolina. It is now expanding fiber optic connectivity across rural South Carolina, enabling residents to access reliable internet at speeds of 1 Gbps. This strategic alignment paves the way for a long-standing relationship between the two companies, they said in the release.

Since 2021, STL has provided specialized optical fiber cables spanning multi-loose tube, high-fiber count cables to TruVista. The company has also supplied advanced cable types to enable TruVista to deploy efficient fiber-based broadband network architecture across South Carolina.

“Partnering with TruVista to build rural connectivity infrastructure in South Carolina is an exhilarating opportunity for us,” STL’s Optical Networking Business CEO Paul Atkinson said in the release. “At STL, we are committed to bringing the power of fiber optics to every corner of the state, ensuring no community is left behind. Together, with TruVista, we will empower individuals, businesses and the entire region with fast, reliable and transformative connectivity.”

As one of STL’s first customers, TruVista has established a strong partnership with STL. The proximity of STL’s Lugoff manufacturing plant helped TruVista accelerate its broadband deployment, the release said.

“TruVista is committed to bringing high-speed fiber broadband to as much of our served communities as possible and beyond,” TruVista CEO Carla J. French said in the release. “This partnership signifies a powerful synergy, combining our expertise and resources to unlock untapped opportunities for rural communities. Together, we will empower our South Carolina-served communities with the transformative power of connectivity. Our shared enthusiasm propels us forward, driven by the belief that every individual, regardless of their location, deserves access to the world at their fingertips.”

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