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Topless rally: An issue close to his heart (access required)

Anyone reading the news report of the “topless rally” held in downtown Asheville last week surely had questions: Turnout for an event with such high gawker appeal was actually down from a similar rally last year? Why is a 59-year old man organizing a movement that encourages women to bare their breasts in public? And does he really go by the name Sparkles the Clown?

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Lights… camera… cause of action! (access required)


Increasingly, attorneys are using their websites to deliver video content to educate visitors about common legal issues. Think of them as lawyer-as-teacher efforts, with the students frequently turning into appreciative clients. “Before we had the videos we lost a lot of clients in the intervening period between when they contacted us and when we were able to respond to them. I think the result of the videos is there’s a stickiness in people being willing to wait for you because they really want to hire you,” said Greensboro attorney Damon Duncan.

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