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Was it Hall worth it? (access required)

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office wouldn’t tell reporters where it spent the $40,000 it received from its stint on “Live PD,” but if one “star” of the show has his way, the agency and TV network will kick out that—and ...

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Full court

Depends on whom you ask, whether a York County grand jury spent one day in June working at the pace of a competitive hot dog eater—only more analytically—or mindlessly fast-stamping indictments like electrical pins through an assembly line. But according ...

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Separate firings, separate claims (access required)

police car sign

With few exceptions, municipalities enjoy governmental immunity from common-law tort claims that arise out of their performance of governmental functions. But the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held recently that the town of Mocksville, North Carolina, is liable for ...

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Grumpy old man (access required)

Some things in life are worth fighting for. But Sidebar is going on the record as saying that free grocery store samples are not among those things—especially for those who are old enough to know better. But for two septuagenarians ...

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