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A man of conviction (access required)

Had a Virginia district court judge made his inappropriate remarks before a jury, Edward Kehoe might very well be a free man. Alas, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has found that since the race-based comments came during a ...

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The need for weed? (access required)

Despite efforts by the South Carolina Department of Corrections to keep contraband, including marijuana, out of its prisons, a weed compound may one day be welcomed to waltz in through the front gate. As the department has installed golf-course-style netting ...

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The First 48 (access required)

This Sidebar reporter recently spoke to South Carolina Department of Corrections officials about how the agency is working to prepare inmates for their return to society. But despite the best efforts of any agency employing any methodology, statistically speaking, not ...

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Cruising for a… (access required)

Anyone who follows politics is aware that there is a certain amount of shade—even criminality—that one can engage in and still be elected (and re-elected) to office. But if apparent allegations are true against an aspiring Upstate congressman, he might ...

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