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Mar 20, 2023

The Speluncean Explorers case: How would you decide?

By Paul Mark Sandler BridgeTower Media Newswires The year is 4300. Defendants on appeal are convicted of murder, sentenced to hang. They seek reversal from the Supreme Court of Newgarth. (“The Case of the Speluncean Explorers,” Lon Fuller, Vol. 62, Harvard Law Review 616 (1949).) Consider yourself the sixth judge deciding the case. Let’s review […]

Mar 20, 2023

Is it time to update your social media in the workplace policy?

By Stephen Scott BridgeTower Media Newswires You know what really grinds my gears? The choose-your-own-adventure security boxes that websites use. “Click all boxes with a tree in it.” In those moments, I am filled with self-doubt related to the definition of tree and whether the smallest speck of green is a tree. That is why […]

Mar 20, 2023

Tell the whole truth? I’ll do better than that

By Spencer Farris BridgeTower Media Newswires My high school coach told me that for every advantage you gain, there are disadvantages. I remember this clearly — as a bench warmer, I wasn’t distracted by playing when the coach was philosophizing. A tall basketball player rarely dribbles as well as one whose hands are closer to […]

Mar 20, 2023

Commentary: I’m Sorry Dave, I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That

by Spencer Farris BridgeTower Media Newswires We have been inundated with talk of artificial intelligence lately. My firm uses software to automate some of the everyday tasks we face, most often just to nag me to do them. The software is very effective and can get to me at my desk or on my cell […]

Mar 20, 2023

Employee termination best practices: Exit interviews, final paychecks

by Missy Oakley and Becky Zuschlag BridgeTower Media Newswires Exit interviews are a very useful tool and can provide valuable information to an employer to help avoid future claims and improve employee retention. They are also the perfect time to provide a departing employee with their final paycheck in compliance with Oregon’s tight timelines. Exit […]

Mar 20, 2023

Commercial insurance: An annual review of coverages can prevent future disaster

ROCHESTER, NY –With spring (finally!) approaching, companies should consider adding an annual insurance checkup to their “spring cleaning” to-do list. Many businesses have, at some point, encountered this nightmare scenario: despite paying substantial insurance premiums year after year, a significant claim arises and the company learns that it is not fully covered. The claim might [&hell[...]

Mar 20, 2023

Before Rosa Parks, there was this man

by R. Marc Kantrowitz BridgeTower Media Newswires BOSTON, MA — Nearly 10 years before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus, a young African-American lieutenant in the U.S. Army had done the same thing. For his refusal to get up, he was court-martialed and charged with six violations: two counts of […]

Mar 20, 2023

With opioid epidemic, we need to celebrate recovery

by Joseph D. Early Jr. BridgeTower Media Newswires BOSTON, MA — Recovery is possible. Recovery should be celebrated. Usually, when we talk about the opioid epidemic, we talk about the grimmest statistics: the overdose deaths. It’s hard not to when this disease claimed nearly 108,000 lives in this country last year. We talk about the […]

Mar 20, 2023

Even ‘reasonable’ police shootings are not inevitable

by James M. Doyle BridgeTower Media Newswires BOSTON, MA — After brandishing a fake gun near Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Juston Root, a 41-year-old man with a long history of mental illness, led police on a wild chase. Root was shot at least once outside the hospital. He lost control of his car […]

Jan 23, 2023

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the new-look South Carolina Lawyers Weekly.  You might have heard (or read) about the relaunch of your trusted source for legal industry news. I’m proud to unveil it here, in the following pages.  The reimagined magazine-style format allows for crisper design and more space to dig deeper into issues and trends that affect […]

Dec 26, 2022

Letter from the Publisher 

To our readers,   As we move to a new year, I am thrilled to share our plan for a new digital-first South Carolina Lawyers Weekly.   The coverage you’ve come to trust and rely on will continue through an enhanced daily digital plan and a new, more focused, beautiful magazine we will deliver monthly starting in […]

Nov 9, 2022

Inside Greenville County’s new workforce/affordable housing policy 

By Caitlin R. Walker Nexsen Pruet  On Oct. 18, the Greenville County Council approved a new policy which provides incentives for the development of affordable and workforce housing by allowing for credits against a project owner’s fee in lieu of ad valorem property taxes. Special source revenue credits permitted under this Policy allow for tax […]

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