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Too pretty for jail? (access required)

A South Carolina woman recently made the argument that she should not be arrested for DUI and possession of marijuana after she drove through a stop sign at 60 miles per hour. She argued she shouldn’t be arrested because she ...

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Full court

Depends on whom you ask, whether a York County grand jury spent one day in June working at the pace of a competitive hot dog eater—only more analytically—or mindlessly fast-stamping indictments like electrical pins through an assembly line. But according ...

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The dodge days of summer (access required)

A Republican U.S. Senator may be quietly throwing a wrench in a plan to confirm nominees to the federal judiciary. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cancelled the Senate’s traditional August recess, keeping the chamber in session in order to confirm ...

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Grumpy old man (access required)

Some things in life are worth fighting for. But Sidebar is going on the record as saying that free grocery store samples are not among those things—especially for those who are old enough to know better. But for two septuagenarians ...

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A man of conviction (access required)

Had a Virginia district court judge made his inappropriate remarks before a jury, Edward Kehoe might very well be a free man. Alas, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has found that since the race-based comments came during a ...

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Pothole money pit (access required)

  When it comes to addressing the annoying and pervasive presence of potholes, South Carolina apparently prefers a reactive approach—instead of actually fixing the potholes, the state would rather pay for the damage that the pavement pockmarks cause to vehicles. ...

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