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Rebel without a case (access required)

After a two-year, $10 million renovation, the York County Courthouse reopened earlier this year to a mostly warm reception. It featured refurbished wood floors, cathedral-style ceilings, and elevators. What it did not feature is the Confederate flag and portraits of ...

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That kid will have a tale to tell (access required)

A Greenville couple expecting a baby didn’t know exactly when the child would arrive, but they knew it was soon. The mom, Freedom Eubanks, felt labor pains last Monday, Aug. 21, according to the Greenville News.  Another false alarm or ...

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Egg-ceptionally eerie

Outside the suburban dwelling of this Sidebar reporter and his family, the “Easter Bunny” appears almost daily. This rabbit — probably a regular ol’ Eastern cottontail — has been christened the magical king of Easter folklore by my 3- and ...

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Relaxin’ a little (access required)

In the days of old, tattoos were for only sailors and convicts, legend has it. But at some point, the rest of the world began to mozy on down to the local parlors: musicians, skateboarders, computer nerds, soccer moms and ...

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Don’t shoot Bigfoot (access required)

The Greenville Police Department is warning residents not to pump bullets into any hairy bipedal creatures they might encounter, “as you’ll most likely be wounding a fun-loving and well-intentioned person, sweating in a gorilla costume.” A Bigfoot sighting earlier this ...

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See you later, Vinny (access required)

In Bluffton, there is an alligator named that lives in the pond on the golf course of a residential community, the Villas at Old South. There are about 250 residents, and one guy, a wheelchair-bound resident, has demanded the community ...

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