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Don’t blame the moonshine (access required)

The moonshine defense didn’t work. A man who claimed that laced homemade liquor caused him to blackout before he went berserk and stabbed his wife with a barbecue fork has failed to convince the South Carolina Court of Appeals that ...

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Let’s do the ‘Wobble’ (access required)

  Square dancing’s time is up, according to a teacher’s assistant in North Charleston who’s trying to replace the state’s official folk dance. KJ Kearney has started a petition on in an effort to convince lawmakers to boot square ...

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Cruising for a… (access required)

Anyone who follows politics is aware that there is a certain amount of shade—even criminality—that one can engage in and still be elected (and re-elected) to office. But if apparent allegations are true against an aspiring Upstate congressman, he might ...

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Say cheese! (access required)

Recently, in an effort to combat contraband, the South Carolina Department of Corrections supplemented its undermanned workforce by sprinkling the perimeters of some of its prisons with state guardsmen. The volunteers added eyes and ears to an agency desperate to ...

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That dotSucks (access required)

DotSucks has been stirring things up since at least 2015, when Fortune magazine called it “the most controversial domain name on the internet.” Back then, the company behind, Vox Populi Registry Ltd., was making headlines for selling .sucks website ...

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A growing problem (access required)

With all the controversy and tragedy surrounding the South Carolina Department of Corrections recently, it’s about time a little bit of lighthearted news escape its communications office. So, cue the passionate melodies and sexual jingles because the most recent report ...

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