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Doctor to dealer (access required)

  A jailhouse lawyer, this Sidebar reporter has heard of. But a jailhouse doctor, well, that’s a new one. Mackie Walker, a former podiatrist, might not be the only physician in the federal prison system, but he’s the newest. Walker, ...

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No need for panic (access required)

Rep. Ralph Norman earlier this month pulled his loaded .38-caliber pistol from underneath his clothing and placed it on the restaurant table before him. His aim was to show constituents during a meet-and-greet at the Rock Hill Diner that guns ...

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The cost of extra sauce (access required)

If you’re doin’ dirt, ridin’ dirty, or otherwise breaking the law, at least do so on the down low. You know, without calling attention to yourself. On a recent episode of Live PD, Richland County deputies responded to multiple incidents ...

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You’re doing it wrong (access required)

Just when you thought online stunts couldn’t get any more boneheaded than “The Tide Pod Challenge,” here comes condom snorting. Yes, it seems that teens have graduated from poisoning themselves by eating Tide laundry detergent pods to snorting condoms up ...

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