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Attention, Walmart shoppers (access required)

In the long and distinguished history of American jurisprudence, we’re confident that only once has a retailer been able to dodge a liability action in part by successfully arguing that it had generously spread Snake-A-Way around the premises.

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Facebook’s law-school pop quiz (access required)

If you spent any time on Facebook last week, you probably saw many of your friends posting a declaration that copyright was now attached to all their personal details and content posted on the site – and that Facebook henceforth would need their permission to use such content.

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Dude, can I get my weed back? (access required)

Though we guess it will be a while before South Carolina hops on the magic bus of legal marijuana, it always helps to be prepared. After voters in Colorado and Washington passed ballot initiatives decriminalizing chronic earlier this month, citizens were left wondering how to apply the new law in their own lives.

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No coverage for actual mayhem (access required)

Will your insurance protect you from mayhem, as the ad slogan goes? Only if it’s figurative mayhem, apparently, as a Rock Hill nightclub recently learned. It found out its insurance policy will not cover the club from the actual mayhem that occurred outside when two robbers tried to mug the evening’s entertainment.

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Diversity, ‘Mad Men’ style (access required)

Some states made history this election. South Carolina re-lived it. Katrina Shealy upset a fellow Republican, incumbent Jake Knotts, to win a state Senate seat in Lexington County and become the only female senator in next year’s legislature.

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