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Hey, it’s worth a shot (access required)

It’s often been said that the definition of chutzpah is killing your parents and then asking the court for mercy because you’re an orphan. But another good example might be asking whistleblowers to pay you back the award they receive for pointing out that you were breaking the law.

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Haley v. lawyers (round two) (access required)

SC Statehouse

Gov. Nikki Haley’s disdain for the legal profession was on full display late last month when she spoke with reporters about a lawsuit which alleges her negligence played a role in the hacking of millions of state tax returns.

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Wrong kind of swearing in court (access required)

Lawsuits are not like sporting events, and not just because most games can be wrapped up in three hours and produce a clear winner. A player might see little risk in jawing with an umpire or referee after the conclusion of a game—after all, an official can’t throw you out of a game that’s already over. But one South Carolina man learned the hard way that cursing out a judge can have serious repercussions, even after she’s just dismissed your case.

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Knock, knock – don’t answer (access required)

The roving bands of pint-sized shakedown artists who went door-to-door last week extorting candy with threats of vandalism were given a free pass by police, who were instead focused on keeping South Carolina’s paroled sex offenders locked safely in their darkened houses.

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Ghoul torts (access required)

Which occupational hazard for lawyers becomes most acute this time of year? The inability to watch horror movies without constantly drafting claims for the victims in your head.

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High-rise horror in Chucktown (access required)

High rise buildings

As if those garish cruise ships littering Charleston’s waterfront weren’t bad enough – now the state Supreme Court has set the stage for a high-rise hotel that will tower over its historic downtown neighbors like an architectural Godzilla.

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