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An odious charge (access required)

stock market

Apparently, you’ve got to have tough skin and legal muscle if you ever hope of making it in the cutthroat business of scented candle-making. MVP Group, a candle manufacturer, is suing Candle-Lite, a competitor, in federal court in Charleston on ...

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How not to fake-die (access required)

The Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals didn’t break new legal ground with its recent decision in U.S. v. Deffenbaugh, which involved a man who faked his own death to avoid a court hearing. But anyone planning to similarly fake ...

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Spray-paint politics (access required)

Coastal residents in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional district have discovered a new use for that plywood normally reserved for battening down the hatches during hurricane season: ramping up the debate during political season. Supporters of former Gov. Mark Sanford, one ...

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Fireworks feud (access required)

All those splashy billboards beckoning drivers on I-95 to a pyrotechnics paradise just off Exit 53 in Walterboro are at the center of a protracted lawsuit that reads like an oddball comedy. The suit pits the Fireworks Supermarket against wily ...

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Taking a census of Big Brother (access required)

Anyone who has wondered whether their local police department is quietly building its own Skynet to spy on residents from above with drone aircraft brought back from the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq should soon have some answers. American Civil ...

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Legislator beweaves in change (access required)

Charleston barbershop owner and state Rep. Robert L. Brown isn’t backing down from his fight to change an old state law that regulates hair braiding. Brown, a Democrat, is sponsoring a bill that would amend a 1976 statute so that ...

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Don’t spare the details (access required)

It’s a pretty good sign your marriage is on the rocks when your spouse is having “one, two, usually three” three-ounce scotches every night and “passed out by 8:00.” But exactly what proof of your partner’s inebriations must you have to convince a court to grant your divorce in South Carolina?

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