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Who you gonna call? (access required)

The Lawyers Weekly staff frequently scours the job postings on Craigslist—strictly for newsgathering purposes, we assure you—where we came across a posting for “ghostbloggers” wanted by a bankruptcy law firm in Raleigh. The firm seeks five “ghostbloggers to write at least 20 blog posts per month on bankruptcy law … and topics at least minimally related to bankruptcy.”

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This isn’t just practice (access required)

Rachel Hesling and Brielle Hunt befriended one another last year as first-year students at Charleston School of Law. This year, they’re trading accusations of cheating and libel in a lawsuit unfolding in the Charleston Court of Common Pleas. This probably isn’t what advisors mean when they recommend students get real-world legal experience.

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Billing ‘round the clock (access required)

Now that everyone’s had a good snicker over the apparent inability of Sumter attorney Charles T. Brooks III to understand how many hours constitute a day — for the record, it’s 24 (although science pegs it at 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.091 seconds) — it’s instructive to ponder exactly how Brooks lost track of time.

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