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High-rise horror in Chucktown (access required)

High rise buildings

As if those garish cruise ships littering Charleston’s waterfront weren’t bad enough – now the state Supreme Court has set the stage for a high-rise hotel that will tower over its historic downtown neighbors like an architectural Godzilla.

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Fun with headlines (access required)

“High Point police kill man with knife” (Associated Press report, Sept. 21) The real news: Police officers no longer carry firearms and instead have been issued knives.

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Real Men of Genius: Mr. Backseat Obstetrician (access required)

It happens all the time on television and in the movies, though few among us will ever deliver a baby in the back of a car. We go north of the border for this story. Gastonia, N.C., solo Timothy T. Leach joined that elite and heroic club of backseat obstetricians on the afternoon of Oct. 5, while his three children and in-laws watched.

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The sins of the father (access required)

Long time Columbia city councilman and convicted felon E.W. Cromartie II had an interesting argument for why the South Carolina Supreme Court shouldn’t disbar him from the profession. Cromartie, who spent ten months in federal prison for tax evasion, asked the court during an Oct. 4 hearing not to strip him of law license because he feared it would hurt his namesake son, E.W. Cromartie III, who is also an attorney.

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Pantyhose: It’s (still) what to wear (access required)


When the results of a LinkedIn survey regarding outdated office equipment and practices pinged around the internet last week, we at Sidebar quickly zeroed in on the most crucial item: 27 percent of 7,000 respondents predicted that formal business attire like suits, ties and pantyhose are likely to vanish from offices in the next five years.

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Beware the sharp-tongued Barrister


If you’re a South Carolina attorney looking for someone to follow on Twitter, our first recommendation would be one (or all) of South Carolina Lawyers Weekly’s fine stable of reporters. But a next suggestion might be @SCBarrister, an anonymous attorney known for his hatred of meetings, associates and opposing counsel, and his love of bourbon, sarcasm and firing people.

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