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This isn’t just practice (access required)

Rachel Hesling and Brielle Hunt befriended one another last year as first-year students at Charleston School of Law. This year, they’re trading accusations of cheating and libel in a lawsuit unfolding in the Charleston Court of Common Pleas. This probably isn’t what advisors mean when they recommend students get real-world legal experience.

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Billing ‘round the clock (access required)

Now that everyone’s had a good snicker over the apparent inability of Sumter attorney Charles T. Brooks III to understand how many hours constitute a day — for the record, it’s 24 (although science pegs it at 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.091 seconds) — it’s instructive to ponder exactly how Brooks lost track of time.

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The Out-of-Towner (access required)

It wasn’t a coincidence that the North Carolina Utilities Commission brought in an outsider to lead its investigation into Duke Energy’s abrupt decision to fire its chief executive officer only hours after its merger with Progress Energy became final.

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Pop quiz: Identify the real Nikki

Nikki Haley

Pulling off a parody of a public official who writes her own social media posts is no easy trick, but @GovHaleySC, a new fake Twitter account, is giving it a go. To prove how tough it can be to tell the fake Haley from the real one, here’s a quiz. Which of these posts – copied directly from their respective sites -- did the governor actually write?

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Dead wrong (access required)

As if driving dead bodies around town for a living wasn’t bad enough, some hapless cadaver couriers in Horry County are catching flack for grabbing the wrong corpse and taking it in for an autopsy. Hey, it could happen to anyone. “It was really just human error,” says Jim Bowdre, owner of the Myrtle Beach Funeral Home and Crematory.

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