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Nov 16, 2023

VIDEO: Stone, agency ensure solicitors have needed tools

When circuit solicitors need more tools, more people or more of anything else to prosecute cases in South Carolina, they can call Duffie Stone.  Stone knows who to call in Columbia.  The chairman of the state’s Commission on Prosecution Coordination, his fellow commissioners and the agency’s staff work closely with senior members of the General […]

Nov 15, 2023

VIDEO: Putting together online campaign requires thought, creativity, care

It’s 2023, and social media is king. With hundreds of platforms from which to choose, some more popular than others, social networking can be a powerful tool for its users, including law firms and individual attorneys.   Today, the attorney or firm that isn’t highly visible on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram is […]

Nov 14, 2023

VIDEO: Stone felt pulled toward working as a solicitor

Duffie Stone serves as solicitor for the 14th Circuit and as chairman of the South Carolina Commission on Prosecution Coordination. He knew as a young man that he wanted to enter the field, and in the following video, he reflects on how he entered the field, including: “I went to law school knowing I wanted […]

Nov 13, 2023

VIDEO: Practical ideas can help firm launch a podcast

Michael Burney, the director of business development and marketing for Collins & Lacy in Columbia, has turned his background in broadcasting and communication toward producing “The Legal Bench,” the firm’s podcast. In this video, he offers practical tips for firms that want to produce their own podcasts, including: “To start a podcast, you’ve got to […]

Taylor Gilliam
Oct 16, 2023

VIDEO: School brings lawyers to ‘legal deserts’

Instead of clients coming to a legal clinic at the University of South Carolina School of Law, the school takes the clinic to them. The Palmetto LEADER is a bus set up to work as a law office, including serving South Carolinians in “legal deserts,” areas where there are few lawyers. In a video, Taylor […]

Sep 25, 2023

VIDEO: 5 Questions With … Tom A. Killoren Jr. 

By Rasmus S. Jorgensen Compassionate counsel and aggressive advocacy are two key values for Tom Killoren.  The KD Trial Lawyers partner says what he likes most about the law is that it applies equally to everyone; someone with few means has access to the same judicial system as large corporations.   At least in theory. There […]

Sep 20, 2023

VIDEO: Counsel’s focus firmly set on reproductive rights 

Behind Susanna Birdsong’s mild voice stands a steely resolve.  The counsel for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic speaks clearly and unequivocally about her job and what she sees as its importance to herself and others.  “The issue of reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy was deeply personal to me,” she said about what drew her to the […]

Sep 14, 2023

VIDEO: New SCAJ president Killoren talks barriers to the court system

Tom Killoren Jr., a personal injury lawyer with KD Trial Lawyers in Spartanburg, recently was sworn in as president of the South Carolina Association for Justice. The group seeks “to ensure that the little guy is heard, and Killoren is part of that effort,” Rasmus Jorgensen reports in the 5 Questions profile in the September edition […]

Sep 14, 2023

VIDEO: Lawyer ponders future of reproductive rights

Susanna Birdsong, the general counsel and vice president of compliance for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, is very familiar with the controversies surrounding abortion and other reproductive rights issues. In a video available now that will accompany the profile of her to be posted at, she discusses the state of reproductive freedom her three daughters might experience on[...]

Aug 22, 2023

VIDEO: End to affirmative action leaves uncertainty in the legal field 

By Rasmus S. Jorgensen and Heath Hamacher  Substance and shadows coexist in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to outlaw affirmative action.  Yes, U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts was clear: Race no longer has a place in admissions decisions at institutions of higher learning.  Yet, diversity remains critical to many law schools and law […]

Jul 21, 2023

Video: Oklahoma judge uses phone during trial over fatal beating of toddler

CHANDLER, Okla. (AP) — A newspaper reports that a new judge in Oklahoma is facing scrutiny after courtroom video showed her scrolling through social media and texting throughout the murder trial for a man accused in the fatal beating of a 2-year-old. Security video obtained by The Oklahoman shows Lincoln County District Judge Traci Soderstrom texting or messaging for minutes at a time during jur[...]

Jul 18, 2023

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Lawyer defends free press, public’s right to know 

Taylor M. Smith IV’s professional career started in journalism, moved into the law and then morphed into a combination of the two.  A partner with Harrison, Radeker & Smith in Columbia, his practice includes serving as lead counsel for the S.C. Press Association, the professional organization for the state’s 82 daily and weekly newspapers.  His […]

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