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Schools & School Boards – Civil Rights – Racial Desegregation – Order of Unity (access required)

Randall v. Sumter School District No. 2 Due to the defendant-school district’s careful attention to school attendance zones, there is no racial exclusion from any of the district’s schools, and the proportion of black to white students at each school is reasonably consistent in light of demographic factors. Most of the current racial imbalance results from demographic shifts in population (particularly a decrease in white student enrollment) and parents’ choices to send their children to private schools. Under these circumstances, it cannot be assumed that racial disparities in enrollment are vestiges of past discrimination.

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PUBLISHED ORDER – Rehearing Denied in School Access Suit (access required)

Doe v. Virginia Dep’t of State Police The 4th Circuit denies rehearing and rehearing en banc of its April 12 decision holding that a woman convicted in 1993 of carnal knowledge of a minor student under her supervision must first seek permission from the local state court and school board for access to her children’s school, before suing in federal court.

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