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Criminal record expunged, but still counts against worker (access required)


A Fort Mill woman who lost her job when her employer learned of a more than 25-year old conviction that was supposed to have been expunged will not be able to sue for wrongful termination, a federal judge ruled. The case raised a novel issue that South Carolina courts have apparently never before had an opportunity to consider.

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Play nice on social media, y’all (access required)

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When Charleston lawyer Gregory S. Forman posted a blog on his firm’s website with a headline that referred to a certain part of the male anatomy, he never imagined that he could be running afoul of state ethics rules. Forman hasn’t gotten into any trouble for the blog, which was titled “Perhaps he has a 2,000 mile long penis” and discussed whether cyber flirting constituted infidelity. But a state disciplinary counsel said he could have received a warning letter if someone filed a complaint.

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The art of reducing genomics to 140 characters (access required)


Reading Daniel Vorhaus’ Twitter feed is a bit like downing an espresso: It makes you feel smarter, fast. The biotech industry newsletter FierceBiotech (fiercebiotech.com) recently ranked Vorhaus 11th on its list of the “top 50 voices in the biotech Twittersphere.” He was the only lawyer on its list.

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What’s ahead for employers in wage and hour legislation (access required)

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With an employer-employee relations agenda set by the new Congress, employers should know what to expect in the field of wage and hour laws. Wage and hour laws, and their accompanying regulations, already provide the basis for an ever-growing number of employment-related lawsuits. While the nature and number of the possible developments are practically unlimited, here is a list of some of the likely items on the horizon:

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