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More schools, fewer students (access required)

The laws of supply and demand may apply to legal education after all. Eight years ago, over 100,000 students applied to law school nationally, but this year, in the face of relentlessly downbeat news about the employment prospects for lawyers, applications have cratered. Only about 67,000 applicants are expected—but the number of accredited law schools is higher than ever.

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After one last ABA visit, law school waits for final decision (access required)

The final inspection is over. Now comes the waiting and the wondering. Seven years after admitting its first class, will the Charleston School of Law gain full accreditation from the American Bar Association in 2011? Dean Andy Abrams is confident that it will. But first, ABA inspectors who recently visited the school must issue a report to an accreditation committee, which is expected make the final decision next summer.

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