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DMV says name change issue was misunderstanding

COLUMBIA (AP) — The leader of the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles says an employee made a mistake by refusing to let a man change his name to his wife’s name unless he had a court order. DMV Executive Director Kevin Shwedo said last week that the agency has had a policy for years that treats a man taking his new wife’s name the same as a woman taking her new husband’s name.

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ACLU sues to keep state’s immigration enforcement law from taking effect (access required)

COLUMBIA (AP) — Civil rights groups led by the American Civil Liberties Union are suing to prevent South Carolina’s tough new illegal immigration law from taking effect in January. The lawsuit filed last week in a Charleston federal court is another legal challenge brought against states that passed ever-tougher illegal immigration laws, saying the federal government isn’t doing enough to enforce its laws. The lawsuit names Gov. Nikki Haley and state Attorney General Alan Wilson as defendants along with Charleston County’s sheriff and a state prosecutor. The legal challenge had been expected since Haley signed the bill into law on June 27.

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