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Doctor misses cancer report; patient dies (access required)

When Franklin Scott Jr. and his wife, Lesie Ann Scott, walked into the doctor's office in August 2009 to review Franklin's second chest X-ray in a year, neither knew that his first chest X-ray had detected cancer 12 months before. Nor did the Williamsburg County couple expect the doctor, after looking at the latest scan, to walk out on them without warning or explanation, leaving them sitting in his office without a clue as to where he had gone or why he had left. Nor did they know that Franklin Scott that would die of cancer before the year was out. Summerville lawyer Steven Goldberg, David Yarborough (pictured) and William Applegate, both of Mount Pleasant, represented the plaintiff in the case.

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Cancer-stricken mom in custody case files appeal (access required)

A Greensboro attorney on Tuesday filed a notice of appeal in the case of Alaina Levane Giordano, a breast-cancer-stricken Durham mother who has been ordered either to move to Illinois to be near the father of their two children or have her custody of them significantly reduced. The case has drawn international attention. Clint S. Morse (pictured), an associate with Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, said Tuesday that he is representing Giordano pro bono.

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