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Day care settles claim over girl’s severed finger for $140K (access required)

The mother of a girl whose fingertip was severed when another child slammed a door on it has reached a $140,000 settlement in a lawsuit against a day care center where the injury occurred. Lawyers said the plaintiffs' daughter was 4 years old and attending a Charleston County day care operated by The Sunshine House, Inc., when she went into a girls' bathroom adjoining her classroom. A boy followed her and, when she told him to leave and pointed the way out, he slammed the door on her finger. The impact severed the tip of her left index finger. An attempt to reattach it failed when the fingertip fell off about two months after the March 2008 injury, lawyers said. "The tip of her finger turned black and fell off while she was in the bathtub. That was very traumatic for the child and for the parents," said Steven M. Abrams (pictured).

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