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CShhhhOL (access required)

Here’s a bit of disappointing, though not entirely unexpected, news for those of us who were hoping to have a peek at the Charleston School of Law’s financials. The two law professors who are suing the school, Allyson Stuart and ...

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Campus crawl (access required)

The Charleston School of Law campus was quiet, almost peaceful, on the sweltering eve of Labor Day weekend. The bustling city bus stop wedged between the school’s Meeting Street building and its library on Mary Street was a different story. ...

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That’s cold (access required)

 In Disney’s animated film “Frozen,” Queen Elsa belts out a song called “Let it Go” while standing alone atop the snow-covered mountains of Arendelle. She was singing about ignoring the haters. But Elsa’s message might also resonate with several associate ...

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Office space redux (access required)

The Charleston School of Law appears to have made some relatively significant improvements to the run-down second floor of its Meeting Street building, which Sidebar had likened to a filming location for “The Walking Dead.” Last month, a source sent ...

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