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Pro bono populi (access required)

Charleston School of Law

A sense of betrayal and wounded Palmetto State pride has fueled the anger expressed by many Charleston School of Law alumni in the wake of the school’s announcement of a business arrangement with the law school network Infilaw. The management services agreement is widely regarded as a precursor to a sale of the school though neither the school nor Infilaw has confirmed plans regarding the long-term ownership of CSOL. But Peter Goplerud, the president of Infilaw Management Services, says students and alumni should know that the ethos of the three law schools in the Infilaw networks is compatible with the culture of CSOL.

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Litigating the Olympics


From the judo fighter who “accidentally” ingested a pot brownie to the swimmer who admitted to cheating and the badminton players who thought they were being crafty by throwing games, the London Olympics was a surprisingly fertile legal training ground for budding lawyers, according to Charleston School of Law Dean Andy L. Abrams.

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Class conflict at Charleston School of Law (access required)

Class confict

Charleston has long been a place where social distinctions matter and who you know determines where you stand in the pecking order. But in recent weeks the city experienced a stirring of the proletariat – or at least what passes for it -- at the Charleston School of Law. Roy T. Willey IV, a Harvard graduate now studying at the law school, formed an exclusive club and sent private invitations to a carefully selected few for an inaugural garden party. But the invitations didn’t stay private for long.

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After one last ABA visit, law school waits for final decision (access required)

The final inspection is over. Now comes the waiting and the wondering. Seven years after admitting its first class, will the Charleston School of Law gain full accreditation from the American Bar Association in 2011? Dean Andy Abrams is confident that it will. But first, ABA inspectors who recently visited the school must issue a report to an accreditation committee, which is expected make the final decision next summer.

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