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Civil Rights – Malicious Prosecution – Schools & School Boards – Teacher – Assault on Student – Probable Cause (access required)

Richardson v. City of Marion. (Lawyers Weekly No. 002-043-10, 16 pp.) (R. Bryan Harwell, J.) D.S.C. Holding: Even though the defendant-police officer gathered some information that supported the plaintiff-teacher’s version of events, since some of the information the officer gathered ...

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Civil Practice – Res Judicata – Labor & Employment – Public Employees – Grievance – Civil Rights Claim – Individual & Official Capacities (access required)

Brooks v. Arthur. (Lawyers Weekly No. 001-172-10, 16 pp.) (King, J.) No. 09-1551, Nov. 19, 2010; USDC at Lynchburg, Va. (Moon, J.) 4th Cir. Click here for the full text of the opinion. Holding: Three Virginia correctional officers are not ...

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